Sunday, February 9, 2014

Climate Change Preach-In

climatechange9Last night, my family and I attended one of the many churches participating in the National Preach-in on Climate Change, sponsored by Interfaith Power and Light.  Of course, the sermon had to set the stage regarding the seriousness of the issue, but it was a real downer.  Droughts, storms, species loss, nothing really surprising to anyone who’s been paying attention.  The second half of the sermon, though, was a call to action – basically, the question I always ask, “what’s a greenmomster to do?”  Since positive thought is more effective than negative thought in motivating folks, here are a few positive signs I’ve seen in the climate change arena right in my own area:

  • solar panels and geothermal power in some of the homes in my neighborhood
  • new construction in my town building to Energy Star and LEED standards
  • more and more folks at mainstream grocery stores (not just Whole Foods or coops) bringing their own bags
  • several new mass transit projects, including streetcars and extensions of the metro system
  • local groups like Fairfax Climate Watch and the Chesapeake Climate Action Network are providing guidance for folks who would like to become politically active on this issue

So what’s a greenmomster to do?  First, educate yourself on the issue of climate change -- there are many great websites and blogs on the topic.  Then, take action!  The sermon yesterday had lots of great suggestions.  If you’d like ideas for simple ways to take action, check out the “Low Hanging Fruit” section of this blog.  Climate Mama blog also often has great ideas for action.  Finally, become politically active – write your elected officials and tell them this issue really matters to you.  You could even attend a rally!  Fighting climate change doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, but, as mentioned in yesterday’s sermon,  it will take action and it has to happen now.

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