Sunday, March 8, 2015

30 ways to help the lemurs!

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DSC_0014Lemurs are incredible creatures that are only found in Madagascar.  I’ve written about both the lemurs and a terrific movie about these fascinating primates. 

If you’re like me, you often want to help with conservation efforts, but feel frustrated that you don’t have enough information regarding charitable organizations and their work.  Well, now there’s an organization that makes things simple.  The Lemur Conservation Network has done the research for you!  From the Network’s website:

“The Lemur Conservation Network unites organizations who are working to save Madagascar’s lemurs from extinction with people who want to support the cause. It is a funding guide for individuals—and potential donors—who want to learn more about lemurs and support lemur conservation, and a resource for organizations who want to promote their work in lemur conservation.”

You can go to this site and choose the organization you’d like to support, confident that your money will be used wisely to save these wonderful creatures and their habitat.  Check it out today!

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