Sunday, July 20, 2014

I heart lemurs!

For Mothers Day, my son took me to Island of Lemurs Madagascar 20140703112725 at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.   It’s IMAX, so it’s shown on a screen that’s 6 stories high!  It’s narrated by Morgan Freeman, so you know it’ll be entertaining!  It’s 3-D, so you get to wear the funny looking glasses 20140703111256!  And it’s a great G-rated movie about lemurs and the threats they face in their home of Madagascar.  I’ve posted previously about these beautiful animals and the research center at Duke University.  I thought this movie did a great job of presenting the current state of lemurs and what’s being done, both locally and internationally, to try to protect these creatures.  The photography was stunning, and the animals were fascinating (particularly the nimble sifakas).  My only negative comment would be that the music was, at times, a bit overdone – but that was easily forgiven as the movie closed to Hanitra Rasoanaivo’s rockin’ version of “I will survive.” 

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