Thursday, August 7, 2014

TBT–Latest Buzz on Counting Bees

bee on liatrisIf you’re noticing lots of bumblebees in your garden, but don’t know which species they are, this is the TBT for you!  Join the Xerces Society and count those bees!

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy the buzz in your garden when the weather warms up and the bumblebees are all over the lavender and joe-pye weed in your garden.  The fall and winter just feel cold and lonely in the garden without that familiar buzz.  Well chins up, greenmomsters!  There’s a project that you can look forward to in 2014!  Join the Xerces Society in their citizen science project – Bumblebee Watch!  As things warm up next spring, you’ll be able to help scientists determine the number of species and the number of individual bees in North America!  You can get all the info and sign up at the Xerces Society website.

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