Monday, October 7, 2013

World Animal Day!

IMG_20131005_122857_626October 4 was World Animal Day, a day to celebrate domestic and wild animals!  Greenmomster is always an advocate for protection of endangered and threatened species including the red knot, sea turtles, Przewalski’s horse, maned wolf, Magazine Mountain shagreenthe Lord Howe stick insect, solenodons, creatures in the DMZ, and many more.  On this blog, we’ve talked about the 100 most endangered specieswhy it’s important to protect endangered species and how the Endangered Species Act works.  If you didn’t celebrate World Animal Day yet, it’s not too late – you can still take a few minutes to read about an endangered species and find out how you can help.  At our house, we went a little more “domestic” and attended a blessing of the animals done by my brother at his church – all creatures great and small! 

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