Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Shocking Update on Eels!

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In previous posts, we’ve written about American eels, the catadromous fish that aren’t on the Endangered Species list yet, but are a candidate for listing.  A recent issue of the Bay Journal (photo credit:  Steve Droter/Chesapeake Bay Program, Bay Journaal) reports that there’s good news on the eel front!  Recent stocking of Chesapeake Bay tributaries with eels has been successful.  These fish, predator and prey for many native species, are thriving in a tributary of the Susquehanna.  Check out the full article for this “good news” report!  (and by the way, the Bay Journal is one of the top periodicals for environmental news in the Chesapeake Bay watershed – please consider supporting this informative journal).  Most of the eels, which were only 3–7 inches long when stocked, are now nearly a foot long.  (Steve Droter / Chesapeake Bay Program)

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