Monday, October 28, 2013

A Frightfully Good Time!

DSC_0001My family and I had some great luck this weekend and won tickets to the National Zoo’s Boo at the Zoo!  We had a terrific time collecting candy, checking out people’s very creative costumes DSC_0029, enjoying the spooky decorations (the butterfly ecologist in me loved this one!)DSC_0027, and visiting some of the animals DSC_0025.  We especially enjoyed the Reptile Discovery CenterDSC_0023 We visited our favorite Panamanian golden frogs and learned about the Appalachian hellbenders from the Salamander AmbassadorsDSC_0024I really enjoyed learning about these fascinating creatures that are right in our backyard.  Did you know:

  • of the 550 salamander species found worldwide, about 1/3 of them call North America home
  • Appalachia is home to 77 species of salamander
  • salamanders start their lives fully aquatic with gills, and move to land for their adult lives
  • 0ne of the main threats to salamander survival is climate change – they need cool, wet places to live. 

Want to help with salamander conservation?  Check out this webpage

Many thanks to FONZ and the National Zoo staff and volunteers for a fun evening of Halloween trick or treating!

Source:  Smithsonian National Zoological Park.  N.d.  Be An Ambassador for Salamanders.  Accessed 10/27/2013 at

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