Monday, July 23, 2018

Mammal Monday -- rhinos

We've celebrated rhinos before on Mammal Monday, but today I realized we need to take another look.  Last night, CBS Sixty Minutes included a fascinating report about black rhino relocations -- why conservation experts feel it's necessary and why it's so difficult.  Here's a little clip on the background which causes these veterinarians think these relocations are necessary:

But this process isn't easy or risk-free.  Just last week, the Washington Post reported on the death of 8 endangered black rhinos that died after relocation to a sanctuary in Kenya.  Relocations of endangered species are not the best solution, but it's sometimes necessary.  The best solution is what conservationists call the "precautionary principle." Basically, we want to prevent harmful actions before they happen, rather than trying to fix disasters afterward.  While relocations are a valuable last-gasp effort, the ultimate conservation goal is to directly address the threats to rhinos -- habitat loss and poaching.  Want to learn more or help out?  Save the Rhino and World Wildlife Fund are both active in rhino conservation -- check out how you can help!

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