Monday, September 29, 2014

Got Talent?

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I just finished watching this fascinating video about a “frog photographer” (a guy who photographs frogs, not a talented little froggy). 

The Frog Photographer - BBC Earth from Thaddeus D. Matula on Vimeo.

This video got me thinking about all of the great ways we can use our various talents to help the conservation effort.  I’m an avid amateur photographer, and I found out that our local state park really needed someone who was willing to take pictures.  It’s a win-win!  They get publicity and education shots, and I get to improve my photography. 

What types of talents could you lend to the conservation effort?  Are you a good teacher?  Parks, schools, and conservation organizations are always looking for help in educating the public.  Great with social media or computers?  Organizations are always looking for folks with these skills.  Got great organization skills?  Organize an event for your town (I know our town of Vienna VA requires skilled organizers for our annual sustainability tour, native plant sale, and green expo).  Got a good, strong back?  Help with invasive plant removal or a local stream cleanup.

Every little bit helps!  How have you used your talents to help the environment?

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