Sunday, January 29, 2012

Eco-friendly Art

So there I was, wandering through a local craft fair, enjoying the free samples of onion dip and cookies, as well as the creativity of the artists displaying their wares. Not exactly a mecca of eco-friendly thought or products, but this green momster does enjoy a good craft show. As I turned down a new aisle, one jewelry display caught my eye – the jewelry was made from various leaves, seeds, even insect exoskeletons, covered in copper. The artists then add color to the copper to make these pieces really beautiful works of art. But here’s the really cool thing – it’s jewelry with no eco-angst! As I talked with one of the artists, Mary Anna Barratt, I found out that the copper for the jewelry is from recycled sources. Add to that the fact that the company donates part of their proceeds to Global ReLeaf at an organization called American Forests, and you’ve got a pretty eco-friendly company.

Nature’s Creations Natural Jewelry is a great example of two ways that we can make an eco-friendly impact on our environment. First as consumers, where we spend our money matters. We can choose to support eco-friendly businesses and send a message that we’d like more of the same. Second, as the artists from Nature’s Creations have done, we can search our everyday lives and practices and look for ways to go a little greener (check out low hanging fruit for simple ideas).

And full-disclosure – I did NOT receive any compensation or free jewelry for this post. But I am totally diggin’ my new copper cicada exoskeleton pin – so cool!

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