Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Birth Announcement–Maned Wolves!

Great news came from the Smithsonian’s Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal VA – 4 maned wolf pups were born on January 5!  Maned wolves are an endangered species found in the grasslands of South America.  This omnivorous species is threatened mostly by habitat loss, a common problem for endangered species (see endangered species post).  maned wolf

I have a special interest in this fascinating species, because I was lucky enough to learn about them as a volunteer at the Conservation Biology Institute.  After studying the wolves, so that I could give tours and explain details to guests, I was allowed to enter the enclosure with one of the hand-raised wolves.  What a terrific experience!  I had never been so close to a wild wolf (even though she was hand-raised) – she definitely commanded my attention!
The 4 new pups add to the total of 72 pups born at the National Zoo.  Congratulations to the entire staff who are working on conservation of this beautiful species!

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