Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Transcript of New York Times interview with the President-elect -- your thoughts?

It's definitely worth reading this transcript of the latest NYT interview with the President-elect.  On the environmental front, there's still a lot of mis-information being stated by the President elect.  A few items to note:
  1. the scientific consensus is that climate change is occurring and it is human-caused (the President-elect states that there's still some debate),
  2. the "scientist email" scandal was debunked long ago, 
  3. the reason we're buying renewable energy equipment from other countries is because our country has not encouraged this type of development -- as long as we drag our feet on this issue, we'll continue to buy from overseas, 
  4. yes, birds do get hit by wind turbines, but the number is tiny compared to the number of birds killed by domestic cats and CHANGES IN CLIMATE, 
  5. will the Paris treaty signatories hold our feet to the fire and enforce tariffs if the U.S. pulls out? President-elect says "no", this greenmomster hopes "yes", 
  6. the President-elect wants to focus on clean air and clean water, which is great, but don't be fooled -- many climate change deniers state that CO2 shouldn't be regulated because it is not a primary human health risk; that's a red herring. We're not encouraging limits on CO2, methane, HFCs because of risk to human health (lungs). We're encouraging limits on CO2, methane, HFCs because of what happens in our atmosphere -- their heat trapping potential and persistence in the atmosphere.

I'm glad the NYT printed the actual transcript of this meeting so that we can read and analyze the discussion -- anyone else see anything interesting?

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