Monday, January 4, 2016

Green Resolutions!

We’re back!  After a little end-of-year hiatus (thanks to a technical problem with the website….), greenmomster is back on line and looking forward to 2016!  Have you made your New Year’s Resolution yet? Are any of your resolutions “green”?  If you want to try living more sustainably this year, here are a few resolutions you might want to consider:

  • Eat meatless one day per week (why? check out this post)
  • Go for a hike at least one time per month to unwind and enjoy nature!


  • Use only reuseable bags at the grocery store.  Friends don’t let friends use plastic.
  • Resolve to watch 4 documentaries on environmental topics this year.  Some of greenmomster’s favorites include:  Turtle, the Incredible Journey; Merchants of Doubt; YERT:  Your Environmental Road Trip; Ingredients.
  • Choose one environmental issue – elephant poaching, climate change, fracking, clean water, the illegal trade in tiger or reptile parts, the Keystone XL pipeline, mountaintop removal, local agriculture, another local issue – and resolve to get involved.  Research the topic and, at least twice during 2016, write to your elected officials to share your opinion. 


  • Read at least two books on environmental topics.  If you read Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, or The Forest Unseen by David George Haskell as greenmomster suggested last year, try Love, Life, and Elephants by Dame Daphne Sheldrick or Red-Tails in Love by Marie Winn this year.  You could even read Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, if you like shorter reads!


  • Reduce your use of plastics – start by “just saying no” to plastic straws.  Here’s an interesting article on the topic from HuffPost.  Be sure to use your baggie dryer, and don’t forget to avoiding products with unnecessary packaging – do your bananas really need to be in a plastic baggie?
  • Vote green!  Don’t miss any elections in 2016! 
  • Get out of your comfort zone!  Choose one environmental action that’s going to take a bit of work and make it your goal for 2016.
What’s your 2016 green resolution?  Please share!

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