Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thankful for clean streams!

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This past weekend, it was time for some Thanksgiving week stream monitoring!  But this time we had LOTS of company.

CameraAwesomePhoto (80) A A group of nearly 20  students and future stream monitors, plus our intrepid leader Dan Schwartz, from the Fairfax County Soil and Water Conservation District, joined us to monitor for invertebrates. The news was relatively good! After shuffling

CameraAwesomePhoto (81)

and investigating what was in our nets,

CameraAwesomePhoto (82)

the stream scored an “8” which means not great, but also not awful.  We’ll take that as a win!

Becoming a stream monitor is fun and simple.  If you’d like to adopt your own stream, check out the VA Save Our Streams website!

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