Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Plastic, plastic everywhere

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Have you ever lamented the numerous plastic baggies that end up in the trash at your house?  Just one brown bag lunch can produce 2 or 3 dirty baggies that end up in the trash.  What’s a greenmomster to do?  You can’t really switch everything to washable glass orGaiam Countertop Plastic Bag Dryer plastic containers; they could break and they take up too much space in the lunch box.  Why not try washing out those plastic baggies and reusing them?  I’ve been using this cool baggie drying rack for quite some time and it really comes in handy.  I just wash the baggies out like I would dishes, and they can be used many times before they wear out.  Check out amazon.com to find several manufacturers of the baggie drying racks.

My husband says the fact that I use this drying rack proves that I’m either crazy,or cheap, or both (he says this in the most loving way…), but I say that the simple fact that these racks exist proves that there are a lot of greenmomsters out there!

Mother Nature News recently issued 16 more ways for you to reduce your plastic consumption – check them out! (photo from Mother Nature News)

containers of bulk food

Interested in a substitution for those produce bags mentioned by Mother Nature News?  Check out Marna’s easy solution


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