Monday, January 5, 2015

What’s your resolution?

It’s that time of the year again – we’re all asked about our New Year’s resolutions.  Are any of your resolutions “green”?  If you want to try living more sustainably this year, here are a few resolutions you might want to consider:
  • Eat meatless one day per week (why? check out this post)
  • Use only reuseable bags at the grocery store.  Friends don’t let friends use plastic.
  • Choose one environmental issue – elephant poaching, climate change, fracking, clean water, the illegal trade in tiger or reptile parts, the Keystone XL pipeline, mountaintop removal, local agriculture, another local issue – and resolve to get involved.  Research the topic and, at least twice during 2015, write to your elected officials to share your opinion. 
  • Read at least two books on environmental topics.  Start with Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, or check out The Forest Unseen by David George Haskell.
  • Reduce your use of plastics – start by “just saying no” to plastic straws.  Here’s an interesting article on the topic from HuffPost.  Be sure to use your baggie dryer!
  • Vote green!  Don’t miss any elections in 2015! 
  • Get out of your comfort zone!  Choose one environmental action that’s going to take a bit of work and make it your goal for 2015.
What’s your 2015 green resolution?  Please share!

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