Monday, January 12, 2015

Her name is Shelley!

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Sometimes a girl just wants to go shopping and buy a little something special for herself.  Well, a couple of weeks ago I did a little online shopping and came home with a……wait for it……..SEA TURTLE! 

OK, I didn’t actually buy the turtle.  I “adopted” it.  But still, it’s my turtle!  Her name is Shelley and she’s a loggerhead (photo credit:  Sea Turtle Conservancy).  In previous posts, I’ve written about how much I like sea turtles and enjoy visiting them every summer in South Carolina.  Now that I have Shelley, I can enjoy turtles during the winter as well!  I can track her oceanic travels (daily locations are entered via satellite tracking), and let me say, my turtle really covers some ground!  Along with her adoption certificate and tracking emails, I also received a very informative booklet on sea turtles, their habitat, and ways that the public can help to protect them.  I’m also going to receive a subscription to a newsletter all about sea turtles!
Do you want your own turtle?  It’s easy – just visit the Sea Turtle Conservancy’s website, and choose the turtle you’d like to “adopt.”  The website includes plenty of other information about the organization and sea turtles – there’s even a sea turtle quiz for the more competitive greenmomsters.  Enjoy and remember, Turtles Rock!

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