Sunday, December 1, 2013

Faith and Environmental Stewardship

In a past post, I wrote about a “Green Bible” that I received from my brother, as well as a blessing of the animals that we attended on World Animal Day (so much fun!)IMG_20131005_122857_626.  I’m happy to see many people using their faith as a basis for protecting our natural resources.  A great example of this intersection between faith and environmental action occurred in the Chesapeake Bay region.  Last week, the Bay Journal reported on the “Living Waters” interfaith summit, hosted by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, which encouraged discussion between faith groups and environmental groups.  150 people of different faiths gathered to discuss various issues affecting the Chesapeake Bay watershed and, most importantly, what actions these groups might be able to encourage – imagine the pool of ready volunteers available at the represented congregations!  Are there any faith-based environmental activities going on in your neighborhood?  Please share!

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