Monday, September 10, 2012

Greenmomster at the movies–The Big Year

While on vacation, we rented The Big Year  – what a great surprise!  “The Big Year” is a birding term – birders spend an entire year trying to see as many different species of bird as they can in North America (excluding Mexico) in one year.  This movie is about two birding enthusiasts (Steve Martin and Jack Black) trying to beat the current record holder (Owen Wilson).  Not only did my family and I learn a little something about the birding world (I’m more of a butterfly wackadoo myself), but we were thoroughly entertained, wondering how the year would end!  Both Steve Martin and Jack Black’s characters are more subdued than you’re probably used to seeing from these two actors, but in this case change was good!  Rating this movie on entertainment value (high) and the greenmomster’s other two criteria (a movie should never be more than 90 minutes, and talking animals are always a plus), this movie scored big!  At only 1 hour and 40 minutes they kept it pithy.  No talking animals, but hey, the entire movie centered around birds.  Appropriate for the entire family, The Big Year is definitely worth a rental!

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