Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy World Turtle Day!

turtle hatchling at sunsetIt's World Turtle Day -- time to celebrate these fascinating creatures.  Here are 4 fascinating facts about turtles from Arkive:

  • The age of most juvenile turtles can be determined by the upper shell, which grows each year from a central point
  • Turtles are found on every continent, except for Antarctica
  • Turtles are thought to have lived on earth for over 200 million years
  • The sex of most turtle hatchlings is dependent on the temperature at which they are incubated, with males hatching at low temperatures and females hatching when the temperature is higher.  (greenmomster’s tip:  think about how climate change might affect turtle populations in light of this fact)

For more information on turtles be sure to check out greenmomster's recent post on loggerhead turtles.

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