Monday, February 12, 2018

Lincoln, Darwin, and me!

It's my birthday today, so I'm reposting from back in 2013 -- enjoy!

Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, and I all have something in common (and it’s not our smashing fashion sense) – February 12th is our birthday!  The President who held the U.S. together and freed the enslaved people, the writer of On the Origin of Species, and me!  What do the three of us have in common, other than a birthday?  DSC_0001Although I feel pretty certain I’ll never have the worldwide impact of my two birthday-mates, I can say that we share one trait – passion about the world around us.  We all have the gift of having something (or many things) that make us feel alive and anxious to get our days started.  

Today, I’m going to spend my day teaching an ecology class at the local community college.  OK, it’s not preserving the Union, but I get to spend the morning talking to students about the beauty and wonder of the natural world; I’ll spend the afternoon outside helping them work through a lab on plant distribution.  I’ll be in the company of students who still find nature fascinating and might even want to make environmental science or ecology their career choice.  In the evening, I’ll be going to the church’s shrove Tuesday pancake supper with my family, my other passion.  What a great way to spend a birthday!

So happy birthday to Lincoln, Darwin, and the greenmomster!  Here’s to a life blessed with passion and wonder!

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