Sunday, July 17, 2016

Washed Ashore

I strolled around the National Zoo last week, a place that I've visited hundreds of times, and had a very pleasant surprise.  Unlike my past visits, it wasn't the live animals that I found so fascinating -- it was an art exhibit!  This exhibit, called Washed Ashore, is presented by a non-profit organization "whose mission is to use the arts to educate a global audience about plastic pollution in oceans and waterways and to spark positive changes in consumer habits."

This powerful exhibit does a terrific job of demonstrating the type of trash found in the sea and explaining its impact on marine life.  The sculptures, built totally out of trash from the sea, are beautiful,  Each sculpture is accompanied by an interpretive sign to help the public understand the exhibit and learn how they can change their behavior to protect the oceans.

Be sure to visit this exhibit when it comes to your area for a moving and educational experience for all ages.  Here's a little more of what you'll see:

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