Saturday, April 23, 2016

Earth Day Bioblitzin'

So what did you do for Earth Day?  Our family headed out to Sky Meadows State Park to participate in the big bioblitz!  What's a bioblitz?  It's a a set period of time (often 24 hours) when people go out to survey all of the plants and animals they can find in a certain geographic area.  We were surveying Sky Meadows State Park in VA as part of the VA statewide bioblitz, but you can find local bioblitz activities worldwide.  National Geographic's 2016 bioblitz will be held in May in Washington DC.

Bioblitz is a lot of fun and you don't have to be an expert -- the organizers will pair you with folks who can help you discover what's out there.  Even this early in spring, we saw several different types of butterflies, including zebra swallowtails!

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