Sunday, May 18, 2014

What’s your environmental IQ?

skymeadows spring 2014 1Many of us think we know a lot about environmental issues, but how much do we really know?  Here’s a great quiz, posted by the City of Tulsa OK , that can give you an idea of your “environmental IQ”. 

Here’s an additional little quiz to help you figure out what’s in your backyard and become more aware of your local environment.  Unfortunately, I can’t provide the answers for every locale --if you don’t know the answers, I guess you know what you’ve got for homework!

  1. In which watershed do you live?  A watershed is a topographical area that drains to one body of water.  So where does your stormwater drain – what’s the name of your local creek?
  2. What’s the source of your drinking water?  (groundwater, surface water (which body of water?))
  3. What happens to your garbage when it leaves your house?  Does it go to a landfill, incinerator, etc?
  4. Name two bird species that live in your area year-round.winter cardinal
  5. Name two bird species that migrate in and out of your area every year.
  6. What’s the source of your electric power?  (coal, natural gas, nuclear, solar?)
  7. Where’s your local wastewater treatment plant? (usually, it’s pretty easy to Google this one!)

Want to try some “big picture” (rather than local) environmental quizzes?  Check out the ABC News Environmental IQ test and The Wall Street Journal.

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  1. We are totally ashamed to admit that we only got 2 of 7 correct (#2 and #3). However, we only knew the answers two the questions we got right because we also-to manage the office park where our offices are.