Monday, April 14, 2014

Keeping our Furry Friends Green

In past posts, greenmomster has included info about the environmental impact of man’s best friend.  As an owner of 3 dogs, I felt I had some perspective on the issue.  Cats are another story – I like cats, but I’ve only ever had one in my life.  Thus, I refer you to this interesting article in Conservation magazine, Cat Fight, for the latest on the fascinating debate about cat population and songbird mortality.  Good reading, as you cuddle with your favorite furry friend!

If you’re really interested in this topic, and how the two extremes of opinion might reach détente, check out this scientific article regarding the attitudes of people regarding feral cats in the Hawaiian Islands:  Lohr, C.A. and C. A. Lepzcyk.  2014.  Desires and Management Preferences of Stakeholders Regarding Feral Cats in the Hawaiian Islands.  Conservation Biology, April 2014.  Vol. 28, No. 2, pp.  392-403.


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