Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sudsy joy!

On our facebook page, as well as on this blog, I’ve written about many of the chemicals in our cleaning and beauty products.  Since greenmomsters recommend that you avoid these toxins as much as possible, I wanted to let you know about a great soap company that I’ve been using for several years – the Parsonage Handmade Soaps.  All products are made using organically-grown herbs and pure essential oils, and they’re free of detergents, other chemicals, and petroleum products.  But most important – they clean well and smell great!  I also really like the packaging – there’s very little.  Each soap is wrapped with a pretty piece of fabric (I actually use them as bookmarks).  The company ships for only $5.95.  So if you’d like to go a little more natural with your beauty products, try Parsonage Soaps. 

By the way, I received zip, nada, nichts for this endorsement – I just like the product and thought I’d let you know.

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