Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Go West, Greenmomsters!

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Our family just returned from a fantastic trip to visit some of our nation’s most beautiful national parks.  First stop – Bryce National Park!  With its beautiful red canyons and Dr. Seuss-esque landscape covered with “hoodoos”, this park became my favorite of the trip.  Hikes into the canyons are not overly strenuous (assuming you brought lots of water), but they’re extremely rewarding with unbelievable views in every direction.  Bryce gets chilly in the winter, but if you’re from the humid east, you’ll find the summer weather in Bryce to be very comfortable (as everyone says, “it’s hot, but it’s a dry heat”).  Until you can visit on your own, enjoy a few of our shots: 

Bryce15  Bryce27brycecanyon7

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  1. Beautiful!! Incredible photography. We missed Bryce when out there a few years ago and everyone has said it is the best!! This makes me want to go back!