Friday, June 28, 2013

Steppin’ out on Meat-Free Friday!

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This week’s Meat-Free Friday is a little different – what if you want to eat meat-free, but you really don’t want to cook?  If you’re looking for a good vegan, vegetarian, or even locally-sourced meal at a restaurant, chain restaurants are usually a bad choice.  But my family and I recently learned that’s not always the case.  We were invited for a free meal by Silver Diner to check out their new menu and report on it on greenmomster.  I’m happy to say, the meal was a very pleasant surprise!

We were greeted by our very helpful server, Suman,


who told us all about the new menu featuring lots of great items for the family that likes to eat vegetarian or local.


After picking our favorite songs from the table juke box


– it’s not a Silver Diner dinner if we don’t lipsynch the words to Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you” -- we ordered several of the main dishes plus the mandatory milk shakes


and local beer for the grownups


One of my favorite dishes of the evening was the  Xoaxaca omelette



This omelette had just the right amount of cheese (not too much) and a great spicy flavor.  The strawberries on the side added a nice sweetness to the dish.  The Quinoa Coconut Pancakes got mixed reviews


I liked them and thought the bananas on the top gave just the right sweetness; others in the family thought they tasted too “whole grain.”  No problem here – I ate the leftovers for breakfast the following morning!   The most popular vegetarian dish of the evening was the Warm Roasted Local Veggie Salad.


This dish was a tasty mix of beets, brussel sprouts, citrus fruit, lettuce, and peppers – yum!  And here’s a surprise – it was filling enough to satisfy the big eaters in the family!  There were plenty of choices for the meat-eaters in the crowd, including Southwest Flatiron Steak


and Shrimp Scampi, both of which our family enjoyed.  All in all, we were very pleased with Silver Diner’s new menu and the terrific service we received.  It’s great to find a restaurant with lots of tasty choices for those of us who are trying to eat a little greener!


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