Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day!

IMG_0156Here’s to my mom on Mothers Day!  People who know my mom might be a little surprised that she’s my inspirational greenmomster – this is a woman who proudly states that “roughing it is a black and white TV!”  True enough, my mom is not a camper (although there was that slightly infamous camping trip outside of Hershey Park….).  But my mom was definitely always a source of inspiration and encouragement.  First off, my mom is a huge animal lover.   IMG_0123From her early childhood habit of “borrowing” people’s dogs from the local farmers’ market to our family days with pet dogs despite everyone’s allergies, Mom taught me that animals are an important key to enjoying life.  She always put up with the many other animals I brought home too – hamsters, fish, geckos (and she would say boyfriends)….you name it!  And although my mom won’t spend a free Saturday afternoon hiking Old Rag in Shenandoah, she’s done countless miles on Volksmarches throughout Germany, instilling in me a love of hiking and discovering new places.

Mom encouraged my interest in science and the environment.  There was the year she allowed me to try to cross-pollinate all of our roses (the entire garden was covered with ziplock bags).  She encouraged me to join the 4H Rabbit Club (which I promptly quit when I noticed “slaughter the rabbit” at the end of the year’s schedule).   She didn’t blink twice when I moved 60,000 bees to our backyard to help the kids learn about science.  She’s a meat and potatoes gal who has been very supportive of her vegetarian daughter’s culinary choices.  And of course, everyone who has been through a masters and PhD program knows that Mom’s support was 100% essential!

So here’s to my favorite greenmomster on Mothers Day!  And Happy Mothers Day to your mom too!

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