Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Monarchs making news!

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No, I’m not talking about Will, Kate, and the baby.  I’m talking about our beautiful monarch butterflies!  In the past, I’ve posted about the fascinating life cycle of the monarch butterfly, as well as fun facts about monarchs.  Now the monarchs are in the news again.  sammybutterflyNPR’s great science show – Science Friday – recently had a show on the monarch butterflies that’s definitely worth a listen.  Monarch butterfly expert Lincoln Brower talks about habitat loss in the butterflies’ Mexican wintering grounds, as well as a decline in the availability of milkweed here in the north.  And that’s where the greenmomsters come in!  Spring is the perfect time to set up a monarch waystation.  Plant milkweed in your yard – LOTS of it!  You’ll be providing much needed monarch habitat as these beautiful butterflies complete there North American tour and migrate south for the winter.

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